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Post-operative Treatment -Medical Testimony/ Doctor Certifications

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Post-operative Treatment

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Medical Testimony/ Doctor Certifications

All diseases and injuries heal to an extent that depends on the disease or injury severity, which is more or less registered by the patient.
  • Pediatric disease: As a rule, the healing process is not noticeable to the patient, but consequences are often detected in the lab (immunity).
  • Fractures (breaks): Depending on grade of severity, fractures can result in noticeable consequences that can also usually be verified with x-rays.
  • Circular saw injuries: often result in severe limitation of hand function.
  • Amputation injuries: always associated with loss of function.
Expert medical testimony and doctor certifications are rendered in all medical fields by the surgeon in conjunction with accidents and their consequences.

A. Medical testimony

Intended Purpose:
  • Ascertainment of the impairment the serviceability or the impairment of the ability to work.
  • Ascertainment of grade of handicap
  • Ascertainment that injury is accident-related
  • Establishment of the relationship between occupational activities and illness
  • Ascertainment of the ability to work in context of job choice
  • Accident Prevention and Insurance Association (occupational injury compensation, work-related injury or illness, evaluation of the reduction in earning capacity).
  • Private Insurance Companies (Estimation of the impairment of the functional capacity due to private and work-related accidents).
  • Employment and other social centers, (Rehabilitation, retraining , introduction of involved therapy techniques, therapy)
  • Court cases (law suits over right to disability and work-related injury or illness compensation)
  • Arbitrative Board of the Medical Association (clarification of physician treatment errors)
B. Reports on medical findings and treatment sequence of events

  • Presentation of the entire sequence of treatment events without the estimation of the impairment of the functional capacity.
  • Attorneys (for example for the planning of statements of claim )
C. Doctor Certifications

  • Affirmation of an illness or injury to an affected third party (school, club, fitness center)
  • As a rule the patients themselves
D. Patient/Physician Confidentiality

All medical testimony that is to be testified to a third party is subject to patient/physician confidentiality. Those who request expert medical testimony, as well as reports on medical findings and course of the condition, must provide the signed consent of the patient to revoke the patient/physician confidentiality in order for the assigned physician to provide such information about the patient. Doctor certifications are typically sent or given to the patient in question and the patient has complete command of the information.

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