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Post-operative Treatment - Pain Therapy

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Post-operative Treatment

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Pain Therapy
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Pain therapy

  1. Relative to the operation:
    Pain occurs after every operation. Depending on the expected degree of the post-operative pain, targeted pain therapy is used to manage or sometimes to completely avoid pain.

  2. Relative to injury:
    Depending on the type and severity of an injury as well as the overall condition of the injured person, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist decide on the appropriate pain therapy.

  3. To facilitate post-operative treatment (physical therapy, occupational therapy):
    In cases of hand surgery it is often necessary to begin physical or operational therapy directly (1 - 2 days) after the operation in order to achieve the optimal functional result.
    The post-operative treatment would naturally be restricted by the post-operative pain that would, in turn, be intensified through the exercises or movements required for the therapy.
    Through the use of pain therapy, post-operative treatment is facilitated and in some cases first enabled.

  4. Treatment of specific pain syndromes:
    Certain injuries or surgeries and also cases of tumor-causing disease can lead to chronic pain that requires targeted pain therapy.

  5. Treatment of "reflex sympathetic dystrophy" (CRPS I = Chronic regional pain syndrome, Morbus Sudeck):
    The development of reflex sympathetic dystrophy can occur in the lower or upper extremities as a complication after injury, surgery, casting or also spontaneously. When left untreated it often results, once healed, in difficult, permanent functional limitations.
    Pain therapy is an essential component of the treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy and along with physical and occupational therapy can result in a successful therapy regime.

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