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"Dynamic extensor splint for the little finger"
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can be described as follows:
  • Occupational therapy is a therapeutic measure prescribed by a physician
  • to reestablish or establish for the first time lost or retarded function and skills
  • that can affect body, mind, and soul
  • in the form of a permanent or temporary handicap.
  • This therapy should achieve the best possible use of all functions
  • and social and professional reintegration at the highest level possible.
The main goal of occupational therapy with respect to hand surgery cases is to reestablish or obtain the function of the human hand at the highest level possible with respect to:
  • mobility
  • strength
  • sensitivity
Areas of specialty within the field of occupational therapy can be broken down into three main groups:
  • Functional Training
    • Exercises with therapeutic clay, elastic bands, pearls, rubber foam
    • Practicing complex hand and finger functions through the use of resistance clamps, games with velcro, craft techniques (macramee, pottery making)
    • Stump and scar toughening (brushing, stirring gravel with hand)
  • Appliances (Adaptations)
    • Holding of pens
    • Holding of house-hold appliances
  • Splints
    • Static splints
      • Suspension splints
      • Stretching and flexing
    • Dynamic splints
      • Dynamic extensor splints (after extensor tendon operations and joint replacement surgeries)
      • Dynamic flexor splints (after flexor tendon operations)
As a basic principle, occupational therapy should have a place along with physical therapy with respect to the treatment of disease, injury and surgery of the hand.
In some countries, the occupational title "Hand Therapist" combines the specialties of physical and occupational therapy, which makes sense from the point of view of a hand surgeon. In Germany, the two specialties remain separated. Education, practical activity and charging of fees can, as of yet, not occur together.
In well-functioning "Hand Centers", there is more and more cooperation between the patient, hand surgeon and therapists. Hand surgeons and physical and occupational therapists hold regular meetings in order to discuss the treatment of the patient in question. In this way, it is possible to change the form of therapy when necessary, increase or decrease the duration of therapy, and last but not least the reduction of treatment costs through consequent monitoring of the treatment.

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