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Center for Diagnosis and Out-patient Surgery
The history of the Center for Diagnosis and Out-patient Surgery.

Logo ZaDC During the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, a plan evolved among four surgeons and two anesthesiologists to together establish a practice and clinic for out-patient surgery. Legal advisors, tax advisors, and financial advisors were all involved in the planning process. After a long search, a centrally located site was found for the practice.

With the help of architects, a technical planning office, and the combined clinical experience collected over the last 13 years, the plans were prepared and realized within a year. In January of 1993, the center was opened. In the time period between January 1993 and March 2001, approximately 76,000 patients were treated in the clinic.

Internet address:  http://www.zadc.de

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