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Welcome to www.lowka-haende.de
Welcome to www.lowka-haende.de

Dr. med Klaus Lowka Disease and injury of the hand is rarely life threatening, but it can significantly limit the independence of those affected. Stick both of your hands in your pockets and try to go through your daily tasks. After a little while you will soon notice that one must always do things "by hand". You will then "grasp" that you need both of your hands in order to "get your hands on" just about anything.

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Dr. Klaus Lowka

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Dr. med. Klaus Lowka
Hand surgery
Accident Specialist

Center for Diagnosis and Out-patient Surgery
Stühlingerstraße 24
79106 Freiburg, Germany

Tel: +49.0.761 - 388000
Fax: +49.0.761 - 3880050
eMail: lowka@lowka-haende.de

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