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Areas of Emphasis in Hand Surgery - AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteosynthesefragen)
"AO Research Institute in Davos, Switzerland"

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Areas of Emphasis
in Hand Surgery

Fracture treatment of
hand and forearm

AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft

AO - Membership
AO - Guest Physicians
AO - Hand Fixation Courses
 AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteosynthesefragen)

AO = Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen
ASIF = Association for the Study of Internal Fixation

1958 Founding of AO / ASIF in Chur, Switzerland
by the Swiss surgeons:
  • Maurice E. Müller
  • Robert Schneider
  • Hans Willenegger
  • Martin Allgöwer
Purpose of the AO / ASIF:
  • Improvement of the treatment of patients with injuries to the musculoskeletal system through:
    • Research and development
    • Education of main principles
    • Practical application
    • Documentation and critical assessment of results
1959 Establishment of the AO / ASIF Research Institute in Davos, Switzerland

1972 AO International     

1984 AO / ASIF Foundation

1992 AO - Davos Center (pictures of summer and winter, upper left margin)
  • The AO Center integrates:
    • AO research
    • AO development
    • AO continuing education
    • Clinical research and documentation

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