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About Dr. Lowka, "Additional Specialization Hand Surgery"

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About Dr. Lowka

Additional Specialization
Hand Surgery

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"Hand surgery involves the diagnosis, determination of indications, surgical and non-surgical treatment of injury, deformities and tumors of the hand as well as reconstruction after severe injury or disease of the hand including micro-surgical techniques."

Advanced education requirements:
  • Certified in the fields of surgery or plastic surgery or orthopedics.
  • Full-time advanced education at an advanced education facility (gem. ยง 7 Abs. 1.) for three years.
  • The advanced training is completed with a final exam.
From: Medical Association Baden-Württemberg Advanced Education Regulations (Weiterbildungsordnung (WBO) der Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg) on March 17th, 1995.

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