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About Dr. Lowka, "Curriculum vitae, Dr. med. Klaus Lowka"

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About Dr. Lowka

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Lebenslauf (german)

Curriculum Vitae (english)
Curriculum vitae, Dr. med. Klaus Lowka
  • Born march 28th,1950 Marburg/Lahn, Hessen, Germany
  • School-leaving at Marburg 1969
  • Study of medicin at Marburg 1969 - 1972
  • Study of medicin at Freiburg 1972 - 1975
  • Assistant doctor (official year) at Kreiskrankenhaus Lörrach 1975 - 1976
  • Assistant of pathology at the MHH, Hannover, 1976 - 1977
  • Military doctor at the "Bundeswehr", Hannover, 1977 - 1979
  • Education for surgery, Univ. Hospital, Freiburg, 1979 - 1986
  • Education for handsurgery (parallel), 1979 - 1986
  • Head of Handsurgery at the Univ. Hospital, Freiburg, 1986 - 1992
  • Handsurgeon for outdoor patients in own hospital (Center for diagnostic and surgery on outdoor patients)

  • AO-Hand-Courses (since 1986):
    Oberdorf (Waldenburg) / CH, every year, (organisation: Dr. Lowka )
    Singapore, 1993
    Budapest / Hungary, 1998
    Königgrätz / Czech Republic, 1998
    Santiago / Chile, 1999
    Davos / CH, 1999, every two years, (Co - Chairman)
    Middle East Regional Course, 4 / 2000, (organisation: Dr. Lowka)
    Kobe / Japan, 2000 (organisation: Dr. Lowka)
    Miskolc-Lillafüred / Hungary, 2001, (organisation: Dr. Lowka)

  • 1999 / 2000
    Production of Hand-Videos at Davos / CH in order of the AO in cooperation with Dr. R. Steiger / CH and Dr. R. Fricker / CH
    Revised version of the "old" videos for hand-exercises with new techniques and new implants.
    Demonstration and handling of instruments and implants. Approaches for ORIF in hand and distal lower arm.

  • AO-Fellows in Handsurgery since 1987

  • Lectures on congresses of the DGH / DAH
  • Lecture and book-article on the congress of the F.E.S.S.H., Bonn, 1999
  • Lessons on handsurgery for OR-nurses
  • Lessons on handsurgery for physiotherapists

  • Study visit at the Indiana Hand Center / Indianapolis, Hill Hastings II, 1995

  • Member of the AO-Switzerland, since 1997
  • Member of the DGH (German society of Handsurgery)
  • Member of the DAH (German study group of Handsurgery)
  • Member of the FESSH (Federation of the European Society of Surgery of the Hand)
  • Member of the "Swiss - German Hand - Club", (Prof. Nigst, Basel)
  • Member of the DIAH (German community of interests of Handsurgery for outdoor patients)
  • Member of the DAHTH (German study group of Handtherapy)
  • Member of the DGC (German society of Surgery)
  • Member of the DGU (German society of Traumatology)

  • Scientific advisory board of journals:
    The surgeon in practice for outdoor patients
    Journal of the DAHTH (German study group of Handtherapy)

  • Family:
    Married since 1975 with Brigitta Lowka (Zurmühle),
    born december, 14th 1951, at CH-6353 Weggis / CH, swiss nationality,
    profession: kindergarten teacher
    Four children: Jakob 1980, Theresa 1983, David 1984, Fatiha 1989
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