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The D-doctor (from "Durchgangsarzt", a physician certification within the Federal Republic of Germany) must complete a general surgery residency and a part of the emergency medicine training. He is licensed and certified by the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association of Germany.
The D-doctor is qualified to examine and treat on-the-job, work-related, school and kindergarten emergencies.
Based on the severity of the injury, the D-doctor will either complete the treatment of the patient or the continued treatment will be transferred to another physician:
  • Minor injuries can and should be further treated by the family physician.
  • Severe injuries, as described in a manual of injury types as so-called §6 cases, must be treated by a practicing D-doctor.
  • Transfer to an approved hospital.
  • In certain cases, the practicing D-doctor can be authorized by the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association to treat so-called §6 cases.
  • (Corresponding training, layout of treatment room and operating rooms, corresponding instrumentation).
The D-doctor reports to the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association about the initial diagnostic examination (D-doctor report), the preliminary treatment (D-doctor report), the progress of the treatment (interim report), and the post-treatment examination (final examination report).

The D-doctor carries out expert examinations for the Accident Prevention and Insurance Association to aid in the assessment of an employee's right to receive worker's compensation (e.g. pension after an accident) and compensation due to work-related injury or illness (e.g. evaluation of the relationship between the accident and functional limitations).

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