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Diagnosis and Operation in Hand Surgery - Surgical Planning

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Hand Surgery Diagnosis
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Surgical Planning
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Planning of operation in hand surgery

  1. Diagnosis:
    As a rule, a diagnosis is posed after the use of the previously described possible diagnostic techniques and then it is decided if conservative or surgical treatment is appropriate. In some cases, no treatment is necessary (e.g. small benign tumors, minor malformations, or marginal restriction of function).

  2. Indications:
    An indication as to whether non-surgical or surgical treatment is necessary is based on the diagnosis, the level of discomfort of the patient, and the overall medical condition of the patient.
    In addition, the possibility of an out-patient procedure versus a hospital stay should be discussed with the patient or, if necessary, the patient's guardians.

  3. Planning of the operation - Appointments
    Considerations should include:
    • School vacation and school schedule of children
    • Employment situation
    • Post-operative care of older patients by family
    • Post-operative placement of patients in need of additional care by relatives or professional care providers

  4. Explanation by the surgeon of:
    • The operation
    • The risks related to the operations
    • The eventual necessity for third/party care or treatment.
    • The type and duration of post-operative treatment.
    • The duration of the inability to work (probability of losing one's job)

  5. Explanation by the anesthesiologist of:
    • The type of anesthesia to be used during the operation
    • The risks associated with the anesthesia
    • The sequence of events of the anesthesia during the operation
    • Post-operative treatment by the anesthesiologist
    • Patient conduct when returing home after an out-patient surgery

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